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MysticMag Q&A

Andrew Scaffidi is a health practitioner dedicated to helping others overcome their past, embrace their presence, and build a better future. After facing a life-threatening illness at a young age and experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, Andrew healed himself using ancient…

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Stop Bad Fungus From Running Your Life!

How does this negative energy that flows in this world control the population? Creation. What is created? Negative form, to bring down the life source within humans. Negative form? Microorganisms in toxic foods to take control of the body, Set…

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Strong Form of Meditation

If you have a hard time understanding the conscious from the subconscious, please visit Blog #1 I'm going to exaggerate here by saying that imagination is everything! This allows you to break through boundaries and limiting beliefs, helping your consciousness…

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Conscious and the Subconscious

Consciousness means to be present with your thoughts. Instead of reacting, you are aware of your surrounding thoughts and feelings. That’s one of the things that makes humans so special. We can be consciously aware enough to use intention in…

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