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Andrew Scaffidi


Overcome Your Past, Embrace Your Presence, Build a Better Future.


Echo Release

This is one of the most common ways to feel more like yourself. The best healers are slow healers. Otherwise, inner chaos can begin without truly processing and releasing the emotions. The process of releasing emotional echoes allows us to dive into lingering past traumas that can be affecting you physically. Just about everyone has them. The best part is, you don’t have to relive the experience to release them and they don’t come back! These stuck energies can even attract more of that negative energy without notice.

Do you ever feel anger or more intense emotion from something that had happened months, or even years ago? This is the stuck echo pattern that can create aches and pains. These aches are a way your body is communicating to you for release.

Heart Echo Release/Alignment 4 Sessions

Working on the Heart may take up to 4 sessions.

Your heart is one of the most important organ in your body. Not only does it pump massive amounts of energy through your system. It’s also scientifically proven to send signals to the brain on how your brain should think. When the heart wall is released you feel less anxious, relieving mood swings that can normally disrupt your day. As you keep surrounding your heart with more emotional blockages throughout your lifetime, you begin to feel less empathy and intention. This can be very harmful to yourself and the people around you.

1 Month Program

It is proven that 18 days is how long it typically takes to break habits and create new ones. I have formulated an intense program that allows you to get on track and stay on track. Single sessions are great, but I want to give everyone a chance to create change and remove old patterns as deep as possible. These monthly sessions are the best way to ensure success when overcoming the past, embracing your presence and building a better future. You will get premium access for questions, detox information, and backed up scientific nutritional replacement. I will also be checking on your system, effectively releasing blockages and stuck trauma frequently. This way we can keep the momentum of a new healthy lifestyle for your body to thrive in this fast paced environment.

2 Month Program

This 2 month program is similar to the 1 month program but more invasive with removing pathogens, harmful candida, DHT and other toxins that are weighing heavily on your immune system. This program is developed for over achievers looking for extreme health and abundance for a fresh start in life. I highly recommend this program for those of you trying to shift their weight, past chemotherapy, toxic abuse from foods and breads, even serious illness. For best results with this specific program; supplements, herbs and diet change will be taken into consideration.

1 - 2 Month Program Video

Core Beliefs

What you believe is what you see. Beliefs are very important. You can have beliefs that contradict themselves. This causes so much friction and will only leave you with confusion. We can correct these  beliefs deep down at your core. You can then decide to see things how they were meant to be. (Example) Belief #1 “Everything happens for the greater good, I’m growing with each and every mistake. “(example) Belief #2 “I can’t make a mistake.”   When in your mind you believe you can’t make a mistake you then start to fear it. Ultimately forcing more actions of making mistakes. I’ve found core beliefs are a great helping hand for success.


Below I have some more examples on a more clear idea of what the 2 are achieving for you on a daily basis. – If you would like to learn more, go to my blog section and click MysticMag Q&A


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