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Andrew Scaffidi


Overcome Your Past, Embrace Your Presence, Build a Better Future.

About Andrew: A Journey from Near-Death to Master Healer

For a good portion of his life, Andrew knew he created his own reality, but he didn’t realize the extent of his power until his life took a drastic turn.

At just 19 years old, Andrew’s body was failing. Ravaged by cancer and filled with massive amounts of toxins from chemotherapy, his condition seemed hopeless. The nurses frantically inserted needles into his arm due to an allergic reaction to the treatments – treatments that were supposed to heal him. As his body failed and death seemed imminent, Andrew experienced something extraordinary. It was as if presence itself came to greet him. In that moment, everything became light and clear. Despite his dire condition, joy and excitement filled his body. Miraculously, his body began healing from the reaction to the treatments.

The next day, Andrew felt more pain than ever. It was as if he had opened up a new layer that allowed him to be in tune with his body to the highest degree. He began sensing everything, even the feelings and emotions of others, at the deepest level. This newfound sensitivity caused massive chaos within him. He was not only suffering from cancer but also highly sensitive to everything around him.

However, Andrew learned to see this pain as a Road Map to healing himself. Over the next ten years, he immersed himself in learning ancient holistic techniques and, eventually, he was fully healed.

Through his journey, Andrew developed the ability to sense negative vibrations and transform them into positive ones. He now uses these abilities, which once created chaos, to help others find their own healing. Andrew holds multiple healing certifications, but his most significant accomplishment is being free from all medication and illnesses.

Once a dying victim, Andrew has become a beacon of light in the darkness. Recognized as a strong healer, he confidently offers his guidance to those in need.

Andrew is here to help you with your Road Map to healing and transformation.

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