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Candida Plan

There are more bacteria and funguses on and in our body than cells. This means these living organisms are one of the most important key roles to health and vitality.

Which bacteria and fungi have you been feeding?

If you have had antibiotics in your lifetime. You may be suffering from candida imbalance which can cause inflammation in the gut. Issues can then arise all over the body.

There could be multiple strains of bad candida colonization in the body. This means you may need a lot more than just probiotics and oregano to get rid of these fungi and bacteria. From all of the chemotherapy and antibiotics I received, I once had a severe candida imbalance. This is when I reached out to Dr. Jeff Macomb’s who specializes in The Candida Plan. After witnessing my body’s changes through this process I am a HUGE supporter. This method is also natural. If you would like more info on candida, visit my my blog “Stop Bad Fungus From Running Your Life”.

Strengthen your health by eliminating harmful yeast and bad fungi. Pathogens can be like chains weighing you down throughout the day. This could be affecting your presence, love and life opening experiences. 

Contact me for your life changing candida plan that could work for you!

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